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At the Green Earth Directory we are committed to providing consumers with a resource to make buying earth friendly products easy. Using earth friendly products does not mean sacrificing quality in the goods and services we use, and often times green products are of higher quality than non-green products.
Additionally... we know that consumers can't use organic and biodegradable products for everything, so we also want to highlight those companies that offer best of breed products in each consumer and service category. These include companies that are making an effort to produce their products and services in a sustainable manner. This includes companies that use alternative eco friendly resources and energy to produce their products and services. If we as consumers choose to purchase our goods and services from responsible companies committed to the sustainability of our planet... we can all make a difference.
Each and every company included in the Green Earth Directory has been independently reviewed by our experienced staff to ensure that every listing provides our users with an eco friendly alternative for every product and service available.
We also provide a valuable resource to our users by noting the physical locations of all the companies in our directory. This enables users to find earth friendly products and services in their local area. Each company provides their service area so if a product or service is not available locally, customers can find businesses that can provide shipping of their products and services to any location our users may be.

Every little bit helps,

The Green Earth Directory Team

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